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Animal Medicine

2014-09-27 17:06:05 by entertheegg

I uploaded this to Newgrounds but the moderiation removed it before it passed judgement. Here's an embed to the video on Vimeo:

Animal Medicineenter the eggVimeo

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Books I'm Interested In Reading

2014-08-23 05:00:02 by entertheegg

This is more for my personal use than anything but here's a list of books i'm interested in reading:

  • A Scanner Darkly - Phillip K. Dick
  • Venus in Furs - Leopold von Sacher Masoch
  • Nadja - Andre Breton
  • Une Semaine De Bonte - Max Ernst
  • Dubliners - James Joyce
  • The Burden Of Representation - John Tag
  • Shoplifting from American Apparel - Tao Lin

Demo Reel 2014

2014-05-02 16:05:46 by entertheegg


I've been on Newgrounds for a long time, just made a new account for this video production venture!

Demo Reel 2014 - Enter The Eggenter the eggVimeo

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If youre a musician interested in having me make you a video then please get in touch, either via a PM here or at my email address: