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Hey there,

I'm looking for two voice actors (one male and one female) who speak English as a second language and who have, or can plausibly imitate, a non-native accent. The video takes place on a long car journey through a vast forest and the in this isolation some of the complexities of the couples relationship come to the forefront. The characters are off screen throughout, so all that's needed is their voices.

The script does contain swearing and deals with adult themes.

If you are interested in my previous work you can check out this radio play about genetics:

Or this video about the thaw in a Russian city:


Please send your demo lines to pied3@hotmail.com.

M: I don't want to hear about your exes.

M: Are the girls at the checkout happy? Was that old woman driving the bus happy? Is the kid who sits in front of a sand blaster all day so that you can have rips in your jeans happy?

F:You think its hot to be miserable? I only went because Henrique dragged me. I thought it would be like Cabaret.

F: I was about to scream, honestly, i was gonna scream. I felt like their was no air in my throat.

If you'd like to read the full script i can PM you.

This is a non-paid role, sorry!

Many thanks in advance.

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